These are some of the artists we have worked with...

Zoé Enjambre Reyno Kinky
Dapuntobeat Yo Camaleón León Larregui Candy
Libido Lori Meyers Charlie Rodd Valsian
Push Button Heroes Bright Eye Kids Tito Fuentes Molotov
Lumina Juan Son División Minúscula Ana Torroja
Casey Conroy Ed is Dead Costa Felina Cienfue
Ruby Tates Allison Mosshart Bohemia Suburbana

And some of the brands we have collaborated with in many different projects


Recognized music producer, composer and mixer who has worked with various established acts such as: Placebo, Pulp, The Cure, Radiohead, Elastica, James, The Auteurs, Little Richard, Das Pop, Deus, Snow Patrol, Dave Edmunds, Squeeze, Gene and television personalities in the UK. Spanish musicians include: Lori Meyers, Dorian and Anni B Sweet, as well as Latin bands such as: Zoé, Kinky, Enjambre, Reyno, and Jumbo among others. He is a Push Button Hero.

Phil Vinall

Producer, performer, multi-instrumentalist, Ableton Live Ninja and playback engineer. Salinas has more than fifteen years of experience in several music areas and a master degree in Digital Communication. His work has been published in over 20 recordings, compilations, collaborations, remixes and soundtracks of popular videogames. He has 4 albums and numerous EP´s signed under Dapuntobeat. He currently produces behind his electronic alter-ego Human Fader. He is a Push Button Hero.

José M. Salinas

Reni has been in the music industry for over 20 years now. He is a professional DJ, producer, MIDI programmer, recording engineer, keyboard tech, specialist in studio work and backing track engineer oriented to show design concepts. He did an intensive music production and mixing course at Garnish School in London and has collaborated with several projects that have won national and international awards. He is a Push Button Hero.

Giorgio Reni

Cooley has built his career in music production and sound design around the US, UK and Latin America. He has collaborated with top advertising agencies and record labels. He is also the creator and main leader of the collaborative project Leitvox.

Christian Cooley

Composer and singer of the 90's Synth Pop band Moenia in its early stage. He created the project Morbo; the first alternative electro-pop band in Mexico.

Juan Carlos Lozano

Irish producer, singer, songwriter, arranger and mixer in high demand. David (aka daveO) is a classically trained musician and has worked in studios around the world. Some recent credits include Morrissey, Alison Mosshart, Ana Torroja, Division Minúscula, Juan Son, Enjambre, Reyno, Cienfue, Paty Cantú, Jaime Kohen, Bohemia Suburbana, Madame Recamier, Costa Felina, Torreblanca, Super Tigre, Valsian, Rubytates, Azul Antena... He is a Push Button Hero

David Francis O´Gorman

México, CDMX, Condesa.

Phone: 70327242


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